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Skibidi Toilet Puzzle

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    Skibidi Toilet Puzzle Unblocked

    Skibidi Toilet Puzzle is a fun puzzle game where you have to help the Skibidi Toilet complete the levels and escape from the Cameramen. Take on the role of a brave skibidi toilet and manage to outwit the cameramen. Complete each of the levels, and if you are successful, you will have rewards of many coins, but keep in mind that if you take too long, the alarm will sound and you will be caught and eliminated.

    In Skibidi Toilet Puzzle, the character Skibidi is trying to find a way to distract the Cameramen to quickly escape. Please calculate carefully.

    Skibidi Toilet Puzzle is a fun puzzle game in which the player can move the Caramel Attack Skibidi by dragging and holding the Skibidi to another location. However, controlling and manipulating Skibidi is not easy because it can backfire, causing the toilet lid to suddenly close, injuring Skibidi. The game has many levels. For each level, players only have 60 seconds to complete the challenge. Try to complete the challenge as quickly as possible and before the specified time to experience the next level challenges. Are you confident about your skills? Try it out now to test your skills!



    Release Date

    October 12, 2023


    • Click “Play” to start.
    • Use mouse to play.

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