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Merge Gangster Heist VI

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    Merge Gangster Heist VI Unblocked

    Merge Gangster Heist VI is a casual game where you must merge seasoned lawbreakers to form the ultimate heist crew and execute flawless robberies. Assemble your squad, enhance their skills, and pull off daring heists in this addictive blend of strategy and action!

    Merge Gangster Heist VI is an exciting heist and merge game in which players have to combine different characters and create a team to complete a bank heist and earn a whole lot of money.

    In this game, the playable characters are divided into two different jobs; melee (short-range combatants), and fire-arms (long-range combatants). As you recruit more people, you can merge the ones with similar levels to upgrade them and change their jobs. Characters with higher levels are more effective when doing various tasks, can take more hits from the cops, and can dish out more damage to them. As you play the game, you can unlock more jobs (represented as cards), and even upgrade your escape vehicle.

    On top of the two types of active combatants that the player can control, there are also some specialized characters available as powerups such as the hacker which can quickly open the locks of doors and safes, and the sniper which can assist in neutralizing the cops, and soldiers-alike. However, if you can collect enough diamonds, you can hire these specialized jobs permanently to aid you in your future endeavors. Will you be able to create a team of professionals and perform unforgettable heists?


    Mirra Games

    Release Date

    October 04 , 2023


    • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
    • Android
    • iOS

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