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Counter Craft 2 Zombies

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    Counter Craft 2 Zombies Unblocked

    Counter Craft 2 Zombies features action packed zombie shooting in minecraft world, your mission is to use three different weapons to shoot hordes of incoming zombies and try to survive each round with increasing difficulty.


    In Counter Craft 2 Zombies, you are thrust into a pixelated world overrun by the undead. Engage in heart-racing survival combat within dynamic Minecraft-inspired environments. Every round brings more difficulty as invasions of zombies grow increasingly intense. With three unique weapons to choose from, annihilate the undead and stave off their attacks to survive.

    How to Play

    The controls are quite simple. Use the WASD keys for movement and your mouse to aim and shoot. Shifting between your three weapons can be done using the number keys or scrolling with your mouse wheel. Remember, each increase in level means enhanced zombie attacks, so stay alert!

    Tips and Tricks

    To enhance your survival chances, always aim for headshots as they cause more damage than body shots. Also, make sure to utilize all three weapons effectively. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, know when to switch.


    • Minecraft-style graphics: The allure of pixelated visuals appealing to fans of Minecraft.
    • Zombie Apocalypse Theme: Classic survival gameplay with relentless zombie hordes.
    • Variety of Weapons: Choose between three unique firearms to mow down enemies.
    • Rising Difficulty: The challenge increases with each passing round pushing your skills to the limit.

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