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Bubble Shooter Candy 3

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    Bubble Shooter Candy 3 Unblocked

    If sweet victory and sugary blasts are your calling, then brace yourself for the latest installment in champion series of arcade ball-games: The Bubble Shooter Candy 3. This anticipated third round of sugar-coated, bubble-popping mayhem serves up a lip-smacking helping of arcade delight that takes the cake in terms of jaw-dropping visuals, brain-teasing strategy, and heart-pounding fun!

    The game’s aesthetics will send you into a dizzying sugar rush; each candy is rendered with an eye-popping attention to detail. The backdrops are a mouthwatering display reminiscent of the most lavish candy stores. From jelly bean jungles to caramel coves, every sweet-filled fantasy is served up for your indulgence.

    Now onto the filling that sweetens this game – its features. A standout is the exhilarating inclusion of the ‘Candy Swap’ feature – a twist as thrilling as slide across a rainbow. Here’s where strategy meets spontaneity: swap the candy in your shooter with the next one coming down the line! This trailblazing feature unlocks doors to new strategic possibilities and challenges even seasoned bubble-shooter-games players.


    SOFTGAMES – Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH

    Release Date

    Oct 23, 2023


    • – 3 candy bobble shooter worlds and top 10 levels of frenzy bubble shooting fun!
    • – Breathtaking visual effects and HD graphics and Sounds
    • – Tons of exciting new sweet candy bubles and power ups
    • – Realistic game physics
    • – Captivating arcade inspired music
    • – 35 awesome candi achievements
    • – Global high scores let you compete against players from around the saga of the world
    • – Three star sweet ranking system pop them jewel bubbles
    • – Accurate controls, with two ways to shoot and burst bubles
    • – Excellent shoot buble replay value
    • – Colorblind mode comming soon

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